Customized branding

Customized Branding for Your School Shop

Tailor Your School’s Identity with SchoolHod’s Versatile Branding to Create an Engaging and Distinct Shopping Experience for Students and Parents

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Tailor Your Online Shop with Our Robust Branding Feature

Our online school shop solution provides schools with a powerful customized branding feature that lets them brand their store to reflect their individual identity and values

With our customizable branding feature, schools have a vast array of customization options to choose from – including logos, color schemes, and font choices. This enables them to create an online store that accurately reflects their identity and values while offering students and parents an enjoyable shopping experience.

School Specific Branding and Content Customization

In addition to the visual branding elements, our customization feature also allows schools to add their own product categories, product content, images etc to the online store. This means that schools can showcase their products and services in a way that is consistent with their brand.

Our customized branding feature is designed to be user-friendly and easy to work with, but normally Markethod is doing this during the onboarding so no work for you to customize your store.

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