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Making School Activity Management Simple​

Managing school activities is an integral part of any educational institution, but it can often be a time-consuming.
Allow us to assist you with a range of efficient features.

What are we solving?

SchoolHod is designed to streamline the management of school activities, reducing the administrative workload and enhancing the experience for both parents and students.

Handling administration

Keeping track of participant registrations ​

Ensuring consents ​

Managing online payments​

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For administrators

  • Easily monitor all activities from one location
  • Quick identify students who have registered ​
  • Efficiently manage time-bound activities

For students and parents

  • Conveniently accessible activity page ​
  • Gathering all activity’s details in one place​
  • Simple online registration​

Our system is integrated with an online payment feature, allowing parents to easily pay for their child’s participation in any school activity. Additionally, we also provide a consent management feature, ensuring that all necessary consents are obtained and managed within the platform. 

See SchoolHod in action

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Time limited activities

We understand that each school activity is unique, with its own timeline and duration. That’s why we provide the option to make activities and excursions time-bound, making them visible in the platform only for a certain period. This feature allows schools to manage upcoming activities effectively without  any outdated information.

Reminders for parents

SchoolHod offers a reminder functionality both within the web interface and via email. These reminders ensure that parents who have not paid or provided consent for an activity to complete the necessary actions. This feature reduces the risk of delays or complications, ensuring smooth execution of activities.

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Segmenting activity categories

Moreover, our activity grouping feature allows schools to group activities by class or other types of group according to their needs. This feature makes it easier for parents to find and pay for the activities that their child is eligible to participate in.


Instructors and school administrators can utilize SchoolHod’s reporting tool to monitor participation in each activity.

  • Schools can identify parents who have given consent
  • Schools can identify parents who made payment
  • Significantly reducing the necessity for manual administration and cash handling.
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The roster of available activities can be seamlessly incorporated into the school’s website using a variety of integration techniques, ensuring it accommodates all requirements.

In general, SchoolHod’s activity management solutions are designed to ease the administrative load of handling school activities and excursions, providing a more streamlined, efficient process that benefits both schools and parents. Our platform doesn’t just focus on reducing manual work; it also enables schools to provide an improved experience for parents and students. SchoolHod is here to revolutionize the way schools manage activities, turning tedious tasks into effortless processes.

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