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The educational experience is multifaceted, and managing school activities is an essential component of it. SchoolHod bridges the gap between complex activity management and a simplified, user-friendly experience for administrators, parents, and students alike

Core Solutions: Addressing Key Challenges

Streamlined Administration‚Äč

  • Unified Dashboard: Centralized management allows administrators to view and control every aspect of activity planning and execution.
  • Swift Registrations: A user-friendly interface for parents and students ensures rapid and hassle-free activity sign-ups.
  • Integrated Payments: Our partnerships with major banks and advanced QR payment options simplify fee handling for all activities, providing a streamlined financial process.
  • Consent Management: Digital consent collection ensures that every activity proceeds with the necessary permissions, maintaining safety and compliance in the educational ecosystem.
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Elevated User Experience

SchoolHod guarantees that each stakeholder, from school administrators to students, enjoys a personalized experience:

  • Customized Activity Views: A specialized page for parents and students provides all essential activity details and facilitates easy online registration. This personalized approach ensures that each user can access the exact details they need with ease. Our platform is designed to enhance user satisfaction and streamline the management of various activities within your educational institution.

Nurturing the Activity Lifecycle

From inception to completion, SchoolHod is equipped to handle every phase of an activity:

  • Activity Creation: Convert concepts into structured events, ensuring clarity in objectives and participation requirements.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Immediate updates on activity registrations, consent status, and payments, all from a single platform, ensuring efficient activity management.
  • Transparent Completion: As activities conclude, SchoolHod supports feedback collection and assessment, preparing for subsequent sessions.

Our integrated payment and consent features ensure a straightforward flow, minimizing manual interventions and maximizing efficiency.

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Timely Engagement: Synchronizing Activities and Notifications

  • Time-Bound Activities: Display activities based on their relevance, ensuring effective management while preventing information overload.
  • Automated Reminders: By implementing in-platform alerts and email notifications, we ensure stakeholders continuous engagement and ensure that they are consistently informed.

Strategic Grouping & Categorization

Easily organize, present, and access activities in accordance with specific requirements:

  • Activity Grouping: Segment activities based on criteria such as grade, skill level, or interest, ensuring user-friendly navigation and accessibility. With our Activity Management solution, you can create a structured and user-friendly platform where activities are intelligently categorized to meet your school’s unique needs. This feature empowers your school to effortlessly navigate and explore the extensive array of activities available.¬† Explore a more organized approach to activity management and give your school community the convenience they deserve.
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ISAMS Integration: Streamlined Data Access

SchoolHod’s integration with ISAMS represents a significant advancement in the seamless management of data, providing an efficient solution for educational institutions.

    • Unified Data Retrieval: This integration establishes a direct connection to vital information, including parent and student data, substantially reducing the time required for manual data entry and minimizing potential errors.
    • Real-time Updates: Any modifications made in the ISAMS system are promptly mirrored in SchoolHod, ensuring data accuracy is maintained in real-time, at all times.
    • Empowering Informed Decisions: Granting access to class-specific data, such as student rosters and teacher assignments, empowers administrators to make well-informed decisions related to activities and overall school management.

Payment Gateway Integrations: Expanding Financial Reach

Financial transactions play a central role in activity management, and SchoolHod places a strong emphasis on enhancing efficiency and security in this aspect:

  • Expanding Partnerships: We consistently expand our financial collaborations, with integrations including Opn, 2C2P, Kasikorn Bank, and Bangkok Bank. This diversification caters to a wide range of payment preferences, ensuring convenience for all.
  • Secure Transactions: Every integration is flawlessly designed to meet top-tier security standards, guaranteeing the protection of both financial and personal data during all transactions, providing peace of mind.
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Diversified Payment Options: Flexibility at its Best

Acknowledging the significance of financial flexibility for parents, SchoolHod offers a spectrum of payment methods, ensuring a convenient and accommodating experience:

  • Full Payment: Our standard payment mode allows parents to pay by a predetermined date, with automated reminders in place to facilitate timely payments. This straightforward method ensures a hassle-free financial process.
  • Direct & Immediate Payment: For those parents keen on instant payment upon registration, this option guarantees a secure slot in the activity. It’s a convenient choice for quick and efficient transaction processing.
  • Block & Percentage-Based Payments: Designed specifically for those joining mid-season, this payment method ensures that parents only pay for the sessions their child will attend. It’s a cost-effective solution, offering flexibility and savings for late joiners.

Tailored Notifications & Messaging: Always in The Loop

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful activity management:

  • Diverse Notification Triggers: SchoolHod engages in diverse notification triggers to keep all stakeholders informed. Whether it’s the start of activities, opening of registration windows, or approaching payment deadlines, our platform ensures timely alerts.
  • Tailored Messaging: Our platform allows for tailored messaging, enabling the delivery of specific messages to designated teachers, parents, or individual students. Additionally, the system supports aggregated messages, which can be sent on a daily or weekly basis, effectively reducing notification fatigue.
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Activity Booking & Allocation: Simplifying Choices

We offer a variety of booking methods alongside innovative allocation strategies, ensuring that every student has an equal opportunity to participate:

  • Diverse Booking Options: Our system provides a range of booking options, from standard registration windows to manual bookings for unique activities, catering to a variety of activity requirements.
  • Personalized Activity Allocation: Our system allows parents to indicate their activity preferences. Using a dual scoring model, SchoolHod ensures a balance between demand and supply, optimizing student satisfaction.

Guest Booking: Everyone's Invited

SchoolHod embraces inclusivity:

  • Guest Access: Our system opens the doors for special activities, inviting people who may not be directly affiliated with the institution to join the chosen activities.
  • Simple Guest Onboarding: Streamlined onboarding for guests ensures a hassle-free booking experience. They can choose to log in with existing accounts or swiftly create new ones, ensuring a seamless and convenient process.
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Embracing Mobility: The SchoolHod Mobile App

Tailored for on-the-go access, our platform ensures you can manage activities and stay informed, wherever you are:

  • For Parents and Students: Accessible at your fingertips, our platform offers easy navigation for parents and students, providing information about upcoming activities and payment statuses.
  • For School Administrators & Teachers: Our platform empowers school administrators and teachers with real-time updates, detailed student profiles, and a complete activity calendar, ensuring seamless management and engagement.

Communication Channels: Staying Connected

SchoolHod’s in-built communication system ensures that everyone is on the same page:

  • Targeted Messaging: Our platform ensures the right information reaches the right audience through targeted messaging. Whether it’s specific instructors, homeroom teachers, or parents related to certain activities, customized messages ensure effective communication.
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Hassle-Free Payment

Ensuring that every financial transaction is easy and secure:

  • Trusted Payment Partnerships: Our platform forms integrated payment partnerships with leading banks, providing you with secure and user-friendly payment options.
  • Complete Financial Reports: Access downloadable reports that offer a clear view of all financial transactions, aiding in effective financial planning and management.

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